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Navigating the world of standardized tests can be overwhelming for both students and parents. With two major exams - the SAT and ACT - and the new digital SAT in the mix, making the right choice can seem daunting. In our recent podcast episode, Shahar Link, owner of Mindspire Tutoring and Test Prep, provides insights into these tests and shares how test preparation plays a pivotal role in college success.

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First, Shahar highlights the key differences and similarities between the SAT and ACT. Despite minor differences in subject matter and length, he emphasizes that neither test is inherently easier than the other. Rather, it's about identifying which test plays to a student's strengths and weaknesses. For instance, a strong math student might find the SAT more suitable, as it is 50% math. On the other hand, the ACT tends to be more straightforward and can be easier to master with practice.

Importantly, Shahar suggests taking practice tests for both the SAT and ACT to determine which one suits a student best. He further points out that the new digital SAT, which is shorter and less draining, has been well-received by students. Its reading section, which requires students to answer questions paragraph by paragraph, has made it a more comfortable testing experience for many.

Shahar also dives into test preparation. Test prep, he argues, is not merely about cramming for the exam but also about honing skills and resources that can help students succeed in college. He underscores the benefits of focusing on the lowest scoring sections and creating a study plan based on baseline scores. This strategic approach can significantly boost scores, influencing the college journey positively, and potentially open doors to scholarships.

Accommodations for students with learning differences, such as ADHD or dyslexia, are another critical aspect of test preparation. Shahar explains that these students are entitled to certain accommodations, such as extra time, which can make a significant difference in their test performance.

He also discusses test anxiety, a common issue among students. To mitigate this, he recommends taking proctored practice tests that simulate the real testing environment. This exposure therapy helps students get accustomed to the testing process and reduces anxiety.

For parents looking to support their children in this journey, Shahar suggests having open conversations about their testing experiences. Monitoring a child's feelings and performance after each test can provide valuable insights into potential issues such as test anxiety or learning difficulties.

In conclusion, Shahar Link emphasizes the predictability of standardized tests and the effectiveness of practice tests in improving scores. His advice serves as a helpful guide for students and parents navigating the world of standardized tests and college prep.

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