Embark on an inspiring journey into the realm of sustainability with our latest podcast episode! This episode features Maria Burgos, who went from a career in dentistry to becoming the founder of Trendy Seconds, a sustainable fashion company. Maria shares her captivating career transformation and offers a glimpse into the revolutionary world of sustainable fashion and living.

Discover how the tide is turning against fast fashion, with young individuals leading the way through clothing swap parties, extending the lifespan of their clothes, and minimizing environmental impact. Learn valuable insights on maximizing your current wardrobe, defining your personal style, and preserving your favorite sneakers. Explore the impact of small, sustainable choices, from secondhand shopping to embracing energy transitions. Maria provides practical advice on initiating sustainable practices, emphasizing how each decision can create a positive ripple effect on the environment.

Dive deep into the realm of sustainable living, exploring how minor lifestyle adjustments can make a significant impact. Maria shares insider tips on taking a hiatus from your wardrobe, rekindling your love for your clothes, and making mindful choices while shopping for new items. The conversation doesn't stop there – we delve into potential career opportunities in sustainable fashion and professions focused on sustainability regardless of the industry or career you are pursuing. Tune in and join us on the path to becoming more conscious citizens, both for ourselves and for the planet.

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