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Let's break the silence on youth suicide and mental health

Our journey today takes us to the heart of a topic that affects us all but is often shrouded in silence - suicide prevention and mental health awareness. We are honored to have AnneMoss Rogers, an acclaimed author and spokesperson, who bravely and candidly shares her personal experiences navigating the mental health and addiction struggles of her son, which tragically led to his suicide. Her resilience and courage in shedding light on this issue form the backdrop of our conversation as we dive into the complex world of youth suicide, and how as a community, we can extend our support to those in need. 

Throughout our emotive discourse, we delved into numerous important aspects including effective parenting strategies that foster communication and resilience, how to dispel misconceptions surrounding suicide, and the critical role grief plays in the healing process. Rogers' invaluable insights on reframing negative self-labeling and recognizing signs of overwhelm provide practical advice for parents and educators.

Suicide is a silent epidemic that has swept across the youth demographic. The key to addressing this issue lies in acknowledging its prevalence and extending our support to those grappling with mental health challenges. Strategies for suicide prevention, particularly in youth, were a key focus of our conversation with AnneMoss. We emphasized the need for mental health awareness and resources, especially during significant transitions like college.

Misconceptions about suicide often stand as roadblocks to effective prevention. A common misbelief is that talking about suicide might plant the idea in someone's mind. Contrarily, discussing the subject openly can be a relief for someone carrying the burden of suicidal thoughts. In the podcast, we stressed the importance of taking every threat seriously and not dismissing any alarming signs.

The complexities of youth suicide are intricately linked with mental health. When a young person feels overwhelmed, it's crucial for them to have coping strategies at their disposal. During the episode, we discussed the idea of a 'coping card', a tool that can help young people identify what's important to them, trusted adults they can reach out to, and healthy coping strategies.

One significant point raised during our conversation was the lack of readily accessible resources on college campuses. This issue becomes particularly pressing as college students often face intense pressure and challenges that could lead to mental health crises. It is crucial for parents and educators to know the available resources and to make them easily accessible to students.

Lastly, we discussed the importance of reframing negative self-labeling in children and the crucial role parents play in supporting their child's mental health. AnneMoss provided insights into how parents can foster a positive mindset in their children by asking empathetic and curious questions to understand the root of their feelings.

To wrap up, we discussed back-to-school coping strategies and signs of depression in students. The key takeaway from this episode is the urgent need for awareness, knowledge dissemination, and fostering a sense of hope and connection for those dealing with mental health issues. With open dialogue, strategic support, and empathy, we can make strides in preventing youth suicide and promoting mental health.

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Find Help:    
•    USA Suicide Hotline 988 
•    Crisis text line US/ Canada 741-741 
•    USA Crisis line for LGBTQ Youth 1-866-488-7386 
•    USA Crisis text line LGBTQ Youth 678-678 
•    TransLifeLine 1-877-565-8860 
•    TrevorSpace Discussion Board for LGBTQ+ peer support:
•    Canada 1-833-456-4566 
•    United Kingdom 116 123
•    Australia 13 11 14
•    International suicide hotlines :
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