PA School Physician Assistant + An inside look at how to stand out amongst other applicants


Being a Physician Associate (Physician Assistant) can be a remarkable career. One that is unfortunate is underrepresented by minorities. This is your opportunity to hear first hand from a Latina who is making strides in this honorable field. Paola Gonzalez MPAS, PA-C is a bilingual clinical provider for over 19 years in Family Practice. She has spent the last 17 years of her career working at MD Anderson in Houston, TX. With her we will explore the career, her career journey and the many opportunities available within this career. 


Today we will explore:

  • Career as a Physician Associate (formerly known as a Physician Assistant)
  • Experience as an ESL student who came to the states at the age of nine
  • How a single person (in this case her physics teacher) changed the trajectory of her life
  • Changing ones plan when things get tough or doesn’t go as planned
  • The role of a Physician Associate (PA)
  • Collaborative work between PAs and Physician's forming a team
  • History of PAs and the name change to Physician Associates
  • What PA schools are looking for in applicants
  • Career in Oncology as a PA and the many opportunities in various specialties
  • Organizations to help support students interested in the career
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • The impact of bilingualism within our Latino community

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