HOW TO be more preset while also learning to declutter your life

Chrysty Lockhart is our guest who shares her insights on living in the moment, decluttering life, and enjoying time with loved ones. Chrysty, a wife, mother, teacher, and host of the Start Scared podcast, recently lost her father and is now focused on living her life fully and being present with her family.

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The episode aims to help listeners declutter their lives and embrace the gift of experiences. Before diving into the conversation, Chrysty's expertise in consumerism and minimalism aligns with the podcast's goal of helping the next generation set themselves up for success by decluttering their minds, bodies, and living spaces.

Chrysty shares her personal journey towards minimalism, highlighting the importance of finding worthiness within oneself rather than seeking it through material possessions. She discusses the emotional aspects of consumerism and offers strategies to redirect that desire for more, such as going outside and connecting with nature. The conversation emphasizes the benefits of minimalism, including a sense of calm and the ability to breathe in organized and decluttered spaces.

This episode provides valuable insights for students preparing for college or transitioning to a new stage in life, encouraging them to declutter their physical and mental spaces to enhance focus and success.

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