The College Success Academy
Don't wait to make progress! This will be a student-centered support & membership group specifically for high school seniors transitioning to college! Find your community of supportive friends going through the same journey as you are. Plus + you will have direct access to me as your Career Coach. Get on the VIP list now and be the first to know when the doors open, PLUS all the details👇

Join an academy with other students just like you...

This student club is ideal for high school seniors and will get you all the resources you need to feel empowered your first year in college! Build a community of likeminded students that are here to support you every step of the way. 

Learn Success Strategies

Be Part of a Community

Access to "group coaching" sessions

What's Inside
You'll get access to twice a month success topic, resources, group coaching sessions and more in your college success academy.

📊 Success strategies

📋 Action Plans

⭐️ Collaboration


🪄 If you cannot attend our live coaching sessions...

☕️ You can still watch it on your own time 

❤️ And replay what you missed!

✔️ Mobile and tablet friendly

✔️ A community of students just like you

✔️ A positive, supportive, social media-free learning environment
Learn from the Best
Here's more about me and the College Success Academy is worth waiting for:

Welcome! I'm Sonia, an experienced educator, school counselor, and education leader. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of developing close relationships with high school and college students, guiding them through their education journey.

What sets me apart is my passion for helping students discover their true identity. In today's society, our youth face immense pressure from various sources, which often obscures their sense of self. That's why I'm dedicated to helping teens and young adults rediscover who they truly are and tap into their unique strengths, talents, and abilities.

I firmly believe that every student has unlimited potential for success, and I'm here to instill confidence, resilience, determination, and motivation in them. With my background in counseling and my drive to empower students and parents, I founded the College & Career Ready Podcast and DiscoverU Career Coaching, where I offer guidance and support to families nationwide.

This Program Works. Here's Proof.
Why you would want to be part of this group:

"To say the least, I felt as if an immense pressure or load was taken off my shoulders because I didn't feel criticized."

"The best part of our coaching sessions would be that you never judged me when I was thinking or formulating a question and trying to find the right words or when I'd struggle to express my thoughts and feelings about my new journey as a college student. You have a lot of patience and that in itself creates a comfortable atmosphere whether it be over the phone, through an online call, texts or in person."

The academy will open soon.
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