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Ready to Kickstart Your Future?
Frustrated of getting generalized feedback and advice for careers that are outdated?

Tired of being taught to a test and not preparing you for college and careers of today?

Afraid of not reaching your full potential in college?

"Discover your VALUE beyond a GPA and a test score!" 

Coach Sonia
who's guiding students to a successful professional future!Sonia is a student advocate and career coach expert that is challenging the status quo of college and career readiness by bridging the gap between education, careers and the current workforce. Her goal is to help students create career connections early in their education journey. She helps students with character development, identity, self-advocacy, career connections and real-world skills.

She has dedicated her career to empowering the next generation as a passionate school counselor, career coach, and education leader. With unwavering determination, she strives to supply parents and students with the confidence and resourcefulness they need to navigate the complexities of planning for college and building successful careers.

Her unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of the next generation is evident in every interaction she has and every resource she seeks.

in 3 easy steps!

Career Connections Online Course
5-week Course

  Module 1: Understanding Yourself
  Module 2: What Inspires You
  Module 3: Researching and Exploring Career Options
  Module 4: College Selection, Goals and Action Plan
✔ Create Your LinkedIn

Weekly Live Group Sessions: July 15th, 22th, 29nd, 29th, August 5th and 12th (7pm CST)
Can't attend a session? No worries, the recorded session will be provided.


It's time to STOP feeling...
x  Overwhelmed
x  Confused
x  Misunderstood
x  Lost

It's time for you to...
Feel confident
  Be inspired
Have clarity
  Be reassured

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